Mobile Apps, Interactive TV & Kiosk

In the realm of mobile app development, I specialize in crafting intuitive and visually compelling applications that seamlessly integrate functionality with an exceptional user experience. Additionally, my expertise extends to Interactive TV development, where I leverage innovative solutions to create engaging and dynamic interactive experiences for a diverse audience.

Mobile App Design

Mobile Design - MDU

I designed the Mobile MDU (Multiple Dwelling Unit) app with a focus on apartments and community living, showcasing innovation and cutting-edge technology. Collaborating closely with developers, we implemented a unique footer menu, deviating from the typical hamburger menu, to enhance user experience and offer a fresh perspective on navigation.

Mobile Design - Cruise Ship

Crafted specifically for cruise ships, this app was tailored to encompass multiple ships under a single company. Its key features included the capability to display maps of different parts of the world and provide port information at guests’ fingertips. The design prioritized simplicity and straightforward functionality to ensure a seamless user experience for cruise ship passengers.

Mobile Design - Hotels & Resorts

For my mobile app design tailored to Hotel & Resorts, I focused on creating an immersive and user-friendly experience, integrating elegant aesthetics with seamless functionality to enhance guest interactions and elevate overall satisfaction. This is a current app that Circus Circus, Treasure Island and many other resorts run today.

Mobile Design - Senior Living‚Äč

The senior living app was conceptualized with a unique focus on the senior population, necessitating special considerations such as high contrast, enlarged buttons, and graphics to enhance accessibility. With a myriad of modules, the app catered to the specific needs of seniors, offering features like live chat with staff, appointment scheduling, and the convenience of ordering room service for those confined to their rooms. The design prioritized user-friendly elements to ensure a seamless and inclusive experience for the senior community.

Digital Interactive TV Interface

Digital ITV System

The ITV system is constructed using HTML/JS and operates through a browser-based interface. The initial design mockups were crafted in Adobe XD. Conceptualizing a TV interface system for guests during check-in introduced a new thought process, emphasizing the significance of user experience (UX). Considering that guests navigate using a remote control added a layer of complexity, highlighting the importance of simplicity and ease of use. This system has been successfully implemented on numerous cruise ships, hotels, and resorts, continuing to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for guests to this day.

New Digital ITV System

The latest ITV system is developed within an Android environment and operates on an AEP set-top box at hotels and resorts. Mockups and prototypes were created using Figma and XD. This advanced system, running alongside DirectTV, introduces the capability for guest casting. Despite the technological advancements, the challenge remains in ensuring intuitive navigation for guests using a television remote control. The contemporary design of this system not only addresses these navigational considerations but also offers a more visually appealing and modern interface compared to its predecessor.

Digital Interactive Kiosk & CMS Platform

Digital Kiosk

Designing for a digital kiosk, a unique user platform that resembles a large mobile phone, requires special consideration due to potential user intimidation. In creating the kiosk design, the goal was to complement the ITV system in hotels and resorts. The interface aimed to provide an intuitive way for guests to access information and activities directly from the lobby, acknowledging the distinct user experience presented by the kiosk format. The design, therefore, prioritized simplicity and user-friendly navigation to enhance the overall guest experience.

New Digimanager Platform

I spearheaded the redesign of BBH’s Digimanager platform, a backend system utilized by clients to upload content for guests on our ITV system. The previous system, stagnant for over 15 years, was outdated and cumbersome. Collaborating closely with developers, I conceptualized a new user flow that not only modernized the platform but also significantly improved its intuitiveness and navigational ease, providing clients with a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Examples & Prototypes

Radar Alerts App

Mockup layout for web app in your Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y, and Cybertruck.

Room Service ITV system

 Prototype for ordering room service with the ITV system.

Senior Living App

Prototype for Senior Living App designed in Adobe XD for iPhone.